Giving your Businesses the Technical Edge

EPIC's meticulously chosen technical capability empowers its businesses to attract new clients, expand into diverse markets, and secure lucrative contracts. In conjunction with a Class 7 Cleanroom, EPIC offers the following cutting-edge resources exclusively to its resident businesses:

Die Bonding

Palomar 3880

Wire Bonding

Palomar 8000i

Device Packaging

Pyramid Hybrid Packaging System

Fibre Alignment

Prior Scientific Photonics Workstation

Laser Etching

MD-X2500A 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker


JCM 6000 Plus SEM and Mitutoyo APEX Pro VMS

X Ray / CT Scanning

Nikon XTV 160

Bond Testing

XYZTEC Condor Sigma

Plasma Cleaning

Henniker Plasma HPT-200

Accessing EPIC's Equipment

EPIC's technical capability offers a significant advantage to businesses seeking to start or expand their operations. By becoming part of EPIC, businesses gain immediate access to state-of-the-art equipment and expert support services.

With units available at an affordable price, starting from less than £1.2k per month, businesses can leverage a wide range of services and equipment, including 3D printing, prototyping, and software development. Additionally, EPIC's inclusive access to various other equipment listed above brings substantial cost savings compared to independently procuring and maintaining these resources.

By utilising EPIC's technical capability, businesses can swiftly scale up their operations and focus on their core competencies. The latest technology and dedicated support services enable streamlined processes, improved products or services, and a competitive edge.

EPIC's technical capability is an invaluable asset for businesses, whether they are starting fresh or expanding their operations. By joining the centre, businesses gain immediate access to cutting-edge equipment and support services, setting them on a path to growth and success in today's fiercely competitive market.


Priceless Collaboration Opportunities

EPIC's collaborative environment stands as a notable strength, exemplified by the shared Prototyping Suite. This facility fosters a dynamic community of innovation and collaboration by bringing together like-minded companies.

The shared Prototyping Suite serves as an ideal hub for engineers to collaborate on projects and exchange insights. Through this collaborative approach, engineers can share knowledge, learn from one another, and cultivate novel ideas and technologies that fuel innovation and drive growth.